“Nothing is more important than your family!”

We are firmly convinced of this and for this reason we are particularly pleased if you entrust us with the organization and implementation of your special moments. Whether anniversary, wedding, confirmation or, in the most sad case, the loss of your loved one – we create an atmospheric setting for every occasion.

Start with a stylish reception in our lobby and spend a nice time together in our bright and flexible event rooms. These can be individually seated and enlarged if necessary. From finger food, to buffets and plated dishes that are served directly at the place, to a barbecue with our BBQ smoker – your individual wishes and preferences naturally flow into the planning and make your celebration unique.

In summer, use the access to our terrace and create special moments that you and your loved ones will remember for a long time.

We are looking forward to your event in Hanover!

Love is in the details
A nice menu card, a festively laid table and always a friendly word is particularly important to us. It's always in the little things what makes your celebration a special success!

For all kinds of celebrations

✓ Anniversaries

✓ Birthdays

✓ Weddings

✓ Wedding days

✓ Baptisms

✓ Confirmations

✓ Funeral services


Everything you want at a fair price

The lights are on, the tables are beautifully decorated, everything looks so festive. We make your celebration an experience.
from € 61,00 per person
Festively laid tables | Reception with sparkling wine and Königs Pilsener | Starter buffet as finger food | Rich main course buffet with chef station: 2 meat dishes, 1 fish dish, vegetables and side dishes | Dessert buffet as finger food | Individual menu and drink cards | Dance floor
All-in Classic
All-in Classic
Would you like to organize a celebration that your guests will talk about for a long time? We have a wonderful offer for you!
from € 89,90 per person
Festively laid tables | Reception with sparkling wine and Königs Pilsener | Starter buffet as finger food | Rich main course buffet with chef station: 2 meat dishes, 1 fish dish, vegetables and side dishes | Dessert buffet as finger food | Individual menu and drink cards | Dance floor | Beer, wine and soft drinks included for a period of 6 hours
All-in Deluxe
All-in Deluxe
It couldn't be better! This offer includes everything you need for a great party. Let the cork pop!
from € 93,00 per person
Festively laid tables | Reception with sparkling wine and Königs Pilsener | Starter buffet as finger food | Rich main course buffet with chef station: 2 meat dishes, 1 fish dish, vegetables and side dishes | Dessert buffet as finger food | Individual menu and drink cards | Dance floor | Beer, wine, soft drinks and 2 spirits included for a period of 6 hours

Why leave the party when it’s so fun? They still remain a bit! Always keep an eye on your costs and extend your drinks flat rate for only € 10.00 per person / hour.

On certain occasions, such as a wedding, it can be a bit more sophisticated than usual. For that special touch we have white chair covers for just € 2.00 each.

The best for every number of guests

Everyone would like to eat that

The best from breakfast to lunch!
From 25 people
from € 46,00 per person
Breads & buns, croissants, butter & margarine | Cereals, muesli, fruit, yogurt & quark | Cold cuts (various cheeses & sausages), ham, salmon | Nuremberg sausages, scrambled eggs, bacon
Salad buffet | Oils | Marinated turkey breast, curry cream | Vine tomatoes, mozzarella, basil | Fish confectionery, salsa verde, onions
Tomato soup with croutons
❤ Live station: Roast beef with Béarnaise sauce ❤
Chicken sliced with mushrooms, pan fried vegetables & herbal basmati | Fish variation, coconut curry spinach & gnocchi pan
Panna cotta with fruit pulp | Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce | Colorful cream puffs
Flying Buffet
Flying Buffet
For a reception that leaves an impression!
Can be combined individually
from € 3,50 a piece
❤ Sourdough bread canapés ❤
Salmon, creamy horseradish | Roast beef, cornichons | Milan salami, cornichons | Cooked ham, asparagus | Brie, cranberries | Gouda, grapes
€ 3.50 per piece or 10 pieces for € 31.50, 20 pieces for € 63.00, 30 pieces for € 94.50
❤ Flying buffet as finger food ❤
Roast beef, pickled vegetables | Beef tartare, toasted bread | Shrimp, glass noodle salad | Smoked salmon sandwich, creme fraiche, mango | Buffalo mozzarella, vine tomato
Toasted Bread, guacamole | Basil, bruschetta | Antipasti skewer, grated parmesan | Grissini, italian country ham | Mini meatball, mustard topping, coleslaw
€ 5.50 each
Grill & Chill
Grill & Chill
Specialties from the charcoal grill & BBQ smoker! From 25 persons
from € 49,50 per person
Various Baguettes, chilli sticks, salsa verde, oils, herb butter
Potato salad | Pasta salad | Cesar salad | coleslaw
Marinated vegetables | Olives | Stuffed vegetables
Gazpacho with herbs
❤ From the BBQ smoker: pulled chicken, Havelländer apple pork belly, Iberico spare rips ❤ From the charcoal grill: Thuringian grilled sausage, marinated pork neck steaks, chicken breast fillet ❤
Aioli, BBQ sauce, FORAnaise, tzatziki, sourcream
Sweet potato fries, garlic potatoes, grilled tomatoes, grilled pan-fried vegetables
Tropical fruit, tiramisu, panna cotta, fruit pulp, sundae with cream
Classic Buffet
Classic Buffet
from € 47,50 per person
Breads & baguettes | Butter & oils
Leaf & salad delicacies | Cucumber salad with dill | Potato salad with bacon
Home pickled salmon | Mackerel | Creamy horseradish | Honey mustard | Dill sauce | Roast beef | sour vegetables | remoulade
Chicken soup with a colorful inlay
❤ Pork fillet in mushroom cream ❤ Bacon beans | Potato fritters ❤ stuffed turkey breast | Thyme sauce ❤ Plaice fillet | Brown butter | Butter rice ❤
Two kinds of chocolate mouse | Raspberry topping | Creme brulee | Tropical fruit
Hanoverian Buffet
Hanoverian Buffet
from € 43,50 per person
Baguettes | Barley bread | Lard & herb curd
Lukewarm potato and cucumber salad | Beetroot and apple salad | Carrot and almond salad
Aspic with tartar sauce | Stuffed eggs | Matjes with lemon | Trout with dill mustard | Pickled salmon with creamy horseradish
Chicken soup with marrowballs, asparagus tips & egg sting
❤ Roasted suckling with malt beer sauce | Colorful vegetables | Croquettes ❤ Fillet of pikeperch fried on the skin | Creamy cabbage ❤ Hanoverian veal ragout | Boiled potatoes ❤
White wine pudding (Welfenspeise) |Chocolate and biscuit cake | Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce
Buffet de Provence
Buffet de Provence
from € 48,50 per person
Baguettes | Focaccia | Pan Bread
Tomato Salad | Olive oil | Red onions | Octopus salad | Bread salad | Arugula
Coppa di Parma | Melon & ham | Vitello tonnato | Tomato & mozzarella with basil pesto | Artichoke hearts | Marinated olives & mushrooms | Fried zucchini | Eggplant | Thyme | Grana Padano
Onion soup | Cheese croutons
❤ Sea bass fried on the skin | Venetian spinach leaves | Saltim Bocca ❤ Braised lamb shanks | Bacon beans | Rosemary potatoes | Jus ❤ Ricotta spinach ravioli | Sage butter ❤
Panna cotta | Tiramisu with fruit pulp | Lemon tart with meringue | Italian cheese selection with fig mustard and grapes
Gala Buffet
Gala Buffet
from € 62,50 per person
Baguettes | Bread confectionery | Oils & salted butter
Baby leafs | Arugula | Swiss chard | Truffled Waldorf salad with Granny Smith | Seefood salad
Beef carpaccio with lemon oil & Grana Padano | Salmon sandwich with chive cream & mango | Crab cocktail
Vine tomato essence with concasse and basil
❤ Black Angus roast beef | Truffle jus | Bernaise sauce | Potato gratin | Peas and carrots ❤ Poularde | Lemon rosemary butter ❤ Fried salmon fillet | Riesling cream sauce | Risolee potatoes ❤ Black Tagliatelle | Saffron sauce ❤
Creme brulee with strawberry pulp | Tropical fruit selection | Chocolate Gâteau (liquid chocolate cake) | French cheese selection with fig mustard and grapes



from € 46,50 p.p. including soup
Tomato essence, basil caviar
Two types of chickpea, braised bell pepper, hoi sin sauce
Potato tarts, baked herbs, mini vegetables
Strawberry soup, baked chocolate
without soup from € 40,50 per person
from € 40,00 p.p. including soup
Vine tomato, mozzaella, basil
Corn poulade, rosemary butter, ratatouille, Risolee potatoes
Tiramisu, berries
from € 34,00 p.p. without soup

Especially in the cold season you can warm the hearts of your guests with a delicious soup. But we also know that not everyone likes soups as much as we do. That is why you can always choose whether you want to offer 3 or 4 courses with these menus.

Do you have a specific wish that we can fulfill for you? Talk to us! Each menu can be changed according to your individual preferences.

from € 45,50 p.p. including soup
Beef broth, celestine, herbs
Salmon, rösti, sour cream, herbs
Saddle of veal, Bernaise, colored carrots, mashed potatoes
Creme brulee, fruits, chocolate
from € 39,50 p.p. without soup
from € 55,00 p.p. including soup
Truffled celery cream, smoked oil, chervil
Crayfish, green asparagus, passion fruit
Argentinian beef fillet, rosemary jus, mixed vegetables, potato gratin
Chocolate, fruit, mango sorbet
from € 49,00 p.p. without soup

Cakes and pies


A successful party also includes cakes! But they have to be tasty – that’s why we work with great local bakers and confectioners. With us you have a large selection of different cream cakes, classics such as a Butter cream cake or the delicious Sachertorte, various pies such as fruit cakes, butter and crumble cakes, Chocolate and cherry tart and cheesecakes and of course we also have all kinds of pastries on offer for you. We are of course happy to accommodate your special requests.

Every family has their own special recipes and traditions. For some, a special tarte is part of their birthdays, while others look forward to their mother-in-law’s Fanta cake at every family celebration. So that your family celebration in the FORA Hotel is just as intimate and delicious, you are welcome to bring your baked goods with you. Upon agreement, we can also chill your homemade cakes and tarts until the party. Make an appointment with our event department and get advice!

Funeral reception

Talk, cry and laugh together

This combination is always appropriate
This combination is always appropriate
from € 25,00 p.p. including broth
Boiled beef broth with colored inlay
Various sandwiches with
Brie & walnut | Cheese & grapes | Ham & cornichons | Salmon and creamy horseradish
Pies like
Apple crumble | Butter cake | Butter crumble | pastries
from € 22,00 p.p. without broth


Do something good for yourself and your loved ones: It is often very cold in the chapels and you freeze quickly. Especially in the cold, gray season, your guests will be particularly pleased with a strong broth to warm up!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any special requests. Even in difficult times, we are at your side as usual as a warm host and also coordinate your get-togethers with you at the FORA Hotel!

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