General manager

Hans Jürgen Wenzel

Assistant hotel director

Henrike Pflughoft

Food and beverage
F&B Manager

Okan Adigüzel

Executive chef

Jörg Hübner

Junior Revenue Manager

Marie Ripberger

Front office
Front office manager

Henrike Pflughoft

Event manager

Jennifer Stelmach

Sales & Marketing
Sales Manager

Michael Beyer

Communication & Marketing Coordinator

Christiane Walsch

Our mission statement

For you and us

Let’s make it short and simple: Our mission statement defines how we deal with guests, colleagues, suppliers, cooperation partners and everyone else in equal measure and, on the other hand, also reflects how we would like to be treated. It goes without saying for us values ​​such as seriousness, loyalty, quality work, good organization and of course

compliance with the law. Appreciation, honesty, respectful interaction and keeping promises are also important to us on a personal level. We are open to the world, tolerant and act according to the motto “I say what I do and I do what I say”. However, three special values ​​are essential for us:


We take everyone as they are and treat everyone around us with a relaxed and friendly attitude. Everyone is allowed to enrich the team with their opinion and is heard.


The sustainable option always wins in all decisions, because environmental protection and conserving important resources are particularly important to us in our daily work.


We deal with information openly and share it with one another. We also approach others outside of the team with authentic content, for example via social media.


Strong alone, unbeatable together!

Hannover 96 women's football
Hannover 96 women's football
Young talents, the demand for equality and diversity and a high degree of passion for what you do are not only found in the hospitality industry. That is why we like to be the partner hotel of Hanover 96 women's football with all our hearts!
NORDmedia delivers creative solutions for web and print designs reliably, quickly and with absolutely high quality. A great partner who always offers added value beyond the order!
Where can you shop, eat and network more beautifully than in the market hall? From fresh tropical fruits, delicacies to real specialties, everyone will find just the right thing here. A delightful in Hanover and a strong partner!
Gramann & Ahrberg
Gramann & Ahrberg
Good to know what's on your plate! We source our meat from the Gramann & Ahrberg slaughterhouse. Responsible handling of animals, species-appropriate husbandry and care as well as short transport routes are particularly important to us. We are convinced that you will appreciate and taste this quality.
Eat good meat!
High-quality products, reliable delivery and creative impulses make our partnership something special. We are sure that this cooperation will add value for our guests!
Leysieffer Coffee
Leysieffer Coffee
With more than 110 years of family tradition, the Leysieffer brand uniquely represents the highest art of confectionery. Since 2015 Leysieffer has also been offering in-house coffee products. You can enjoy this free of charge in each of our renovated rooms and start your day tastefully.
Since we have been ordering our personalized business stationery via the PrintPlanet BusinessSolution, our everyday life has been more colorful and, thanks to the ordering portal, even more efficient. A great service for all print items!
Die Förderpaten
Die Förderpaten
Over the years we have found more and more companies and sponsors who were enthusiastic about our campaigns to support children and have sponsored them. All companies in our network are socially committed to children here in our region.
Der echte Gaues
Der echte Gaues
Good bread doesn't need any additives, it needs time. Gaues makes the dough for the baked goods himself and by hand. Sure, so much effort has its price. But once you've tasted the difference, you'll be happy to treat yourself.
J.J. Darboven
J.J. Darboven
J.J. Darboven was founded in Hamburg in 1866 by Johann Joachim Darboven and is currently run by Albert Darboven in the fourth generation. With a high-quality product range of coffee (e.g. IDEE KAFFEE, Café Intención, Alfredo Espresso, Mövenpick and Sansibar), tea (EILLES TEE, PLATEANUM®) and cocoa (Cacaó Intención, COCAYA), the company is the market leader in the catering and hotel industry and is convincing his coffees in retail too. J.J. Darboven stands for quality, tradition and innovation.
Weframe One wants to keep collaboration simple and straightforward. Therefore this technology hardly requires any integration and can be used by groups and participants easily and without complicated hurdles.
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