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Daily from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
– Only for house guests –

Dear guests, Winston Churchill already knew:
„Man should give his body something nice, so the soul wants to live inside it.“

That is the motto which we used in order to compile our food and drink offers. This menu presents a young and fresh cuisine. Our menu selection guarantees a sustainable storage, due to which, we are able to offer you seasonal oriented dishes.

If you are not able to find what you need, please ask our service personnel. We endeavor to continually serve you in an adequate manner because we want to have satisfied guests. “take time FOR(A) smile”

Our team wishes you an unforgettable evening in our restaurant.
Hans Jürgen Wenzel | General Manager

Soup & Starter

Beetroot soup

Apple | Fried onion

€ 4.50

g, i


Tomato | Garlic | Rucola | Parmesan

€ 5.90

a, g

Main courses

Rump Steak

Braised onion | Roasted potatoes | Side salad

€ 20.50

a, g, i, j

Salmon fillet

Potato and zucchini mash | Coarse mustard sauce

€ 16.90

a, d, g, i, j


Dried tomatoes | Green asparagus | Parmesan | Spicy

€ 7.90

a, c, g

Our classics

Veal Schnitzel

Fried potatoes | Lemon

€ 18.50

a, c, g


Fruity sauce | French fries | Onion rings

€ 7.50

2, a


FORA Burger

FORAnaise | Bacon | Tomato | Cucumber | Sesambun | Fries

€ 10.50

a, c, g, j, k

Cesar Burger

Chicken Breast | Parmesan sauce | Romaine lettuce | Sesambun | Cucumber | Tomato | Twist potatoes

€ 11.90

a, c, g, j, k

Venison Burger

Cranberry Sauce | Pear chutney | Cucumber | Tomato | Sesambun | Twist potatoes

€ 15.90

a, c, g, j, k


White Chocolate Sesame Parait

Pear compote

€ 5.90

a, c, g, k


a gluten b crustaceans c eggs d fish e peanuts f soybeans g milk h edible nuts i celery j mustard k seasame l sulphur dioxide m lupine n molluscs


1 dyes 2 preservatives 3 antioxidant 4 flavour enhancer 5 sulphured 6 blackened 7 waxed 8 sweeteners 9 phosphate 10 caffeinated 11 contains quinine 12 contains phenylalain 13 taurine

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